Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Family Time

We ended July with a visit from Michael's family.  Joyce, Stacey and Carter got to come spend a weekend with us.  We had so much fun!  The kids loved showing Carter around the farm, playing Batman with him, going to the lake and taking him to see the race car and "Cornbines".  We made "s'nores", rode horse, fed the calf, played Go Fish and ended the weekend with a trip to see Maddi.  Can't wait to see them all again!

Here are pictures from our weekend (there are a lot!)
 Maddi and Munu
 Makenna and Carter building a dam and a river
 Go Fish
 Zane on a Cornbine
 Playing with our Main Street Village
 Getting on the combine.  He was nervous at first. They are big!
 They look suspicious...
 Carter checking out the race car
 Makenna and Stacey on their run
 Carter and Stacey
 Michael teaching Carter about the beans
 Up in the combine

 Stacey and Olivia
 Checking out the equipment
 Riding Nacho
 Carter on Nacho.  He's a natural!
 Adventures of Batman
 S'nores by the fire
 Maddi and Carter
 Olivia and Carter at the lake
 Driving Peanut
 Stacey and Maddi
 Everyone but Makenna.  She was at work.

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