Monday, June 19, 2017

Family Fun

If you have children, you know what a treasure it is to have moments when no one is fighting and everyone is having fun ☺  I have been blessed to have a couple of those moments in the last few weeks and to capture parts of it on camera.

Here are a few of those pictures:

 Ok, so there are no  kids in these first 2 pictures but this is what they were working on with me.  We had to dig up the old ugly rocks, get all the weeds out, extend it out farther and dig up the grass, level it off the best we could, pick out the rocks and then assemble everything.  It took quite a few hours and there was not any fighting that took place during the whole process.  Despite the hard work, it was even a little fun ☺  It helps that they were making it for Michael as a Father's Day present.

Here they were cleaning out the pool and getting it ready to fill.  It took a lot of scrubbing and several hours to get it ready to fill but they all worked together, took turns and got it done.  This picture is of them "floating" in the empty pool.  It's really the only way they are able to float.  They haven't figured out how to do it on top of water yet!

These last few pictures are from our last visit with Maddi.  We took the kids swimming then out to eat.  Afterward we went to the park and they played tag.  It was a super fun day and there really was not fighting at all!  There were a few disagreements on tag rules, but Michael and I were the officials in the game and were able to end the disagreements quickly.  ☺ Everyone had fun.  Everyone participated and I loved watching them together.
I love these moments when we can all come together, work together and have fun.  With so many people and so many personalities it doesn't always happen, but when it does, it makes my heart happy!
This has nothing to do with anything but I had to add a picture of Dillon and his triple ham and cheese sandwich.  This boy can eat! This was part of his lunch after his basketball camp before he picked rock.  He ate it all and still wanted more.  

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