Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Olivia Turns 10!

Yesterday we got to celebrate Olivia's 10th birthday.  She was so excited for it!  We let her open one present the night before since Michael was going to be gone all day on her birthday so he wouldn't be home for the other gift. Monday morning she got up and opened her other one.  Olivia loves gymnastics and is always doing some sort of cartwheel, round off or hand stand.  For Christmas she got a mat so she could do her gymnastics inside during the winter.  She had been wanting a balance beam for a really long time and I finally found one on one of the rummage sale sites that was a good deal (they are usually quite expensive to buy). 

She loves it!  She has been on it constantly since Sunday night and is getting better at doing cartwheels on it and getting her feet on it when she lands.

Makenna made her birthday cake while I was at work and Olivia frosted it and put the sprinkles on.  Purple is her favorite color so we had purple frosting.  Then Olivia helped make her birthday supper.  She chose chicken taquitos.  They were really good!  It was rainy in the afternoon so she and I watched Liv and Maddie (one of her favorite TV shows) on Netflix for part of the afternoon.

She got a couple of phone calls from family in the evening and got to call Maddi that night too.  We ended the evening eating her purple cake with some cookie dough ice cream.

Olivia is such a blessing to us.  She is stubborn and likes to be right all the time but she is also helpful, happy and kind.  She loves to play games when she is not upside down in the middle of a handstand or cartwheel.  She likes to ride horses, play basketball and swim.  She loves to sing - especially High School Musical songs.  We love having her in our family!

Happy Birthday Princess O L I V I A (spell it, don't say it). ☺

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