Sunday, April 9, 2017


Today in church we talked a lot about prayer.  Prayer is something that is very important to me in my life.  I was taught to pray as a young child and it has blessed me many times in my life.  Now, as a mother, I teach my children to pray.  We pray morning and night as a family and I encourage my children to have their individual prayers morning and night and any other time during the day that they may need it.

Prayer has given me strength when I didn't know I had it.  Prayer has given me peace when I could find it no where else.  Prayer has given my knowledge to help me understand.  I have seen prayer help and bless others.  I have seen prayer heal.  I have seen others be an answer to my prayer.  I have been an answer to other's prayers. 

I can not being to describe the love that I feel from my Heavenly Father as I see prayer work in my life.  He knows me!  He knows my needs, my heart, my situation, my limitations and my potential.  He takes time, the God of this universe, to answer me, to listen to my pleadings, to help me, to guide me, to love me.

Prayer allows us to talk to God, to build a relationship with Him.  It allows us to come to know Him, to trust in Him, to feel His love for us.  Prayer allows us to show our love for Him and for others. 

Right now, prayer is a lifeline between me and someone that I love with all my heart that I can't be with at this time.  Prayer is the hope that I have each night that God will watch over her.  Prayer is the hope that I have that she will know I love her when I can't tell her everyday.  Prayer is the hope that I have that she will have strength and courage to do hard things.  Prayer is the hope that she will know God loves her.  Prayer is the hope for healing and peace.  Prayer is all I have.

Sometimes we can't fix life.  We can't make things better.  We can't take away pain or sorrow.  But prayer allows us to petition the One who can.  Miracles happen when we pray.  I am so thankful for prayer.  I'm so thankful that I can have a personal relationship with my Father in Heaven.  I am so thankful that He hears and answers - not always in the way I hoped, but always in the way that is best for me.

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