Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Wouldn't Have to Ask You to Turn the Music Up!

I love this kid!  He is always moving, jumping, running, and standing on his head!  He is helpful and kind.  He is considerate of others and notices when some one needs a friend.  He loves to read and do the worm.  He's good at both ☺  He also rocks a mullet!
As you know, a couple years ago, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome.  He has handled it pretty well and the school has given him tools to help him in the classroom.  He has a wiggle cushion on his chair and a band across the front legs of his desk so he can have movement while he is at his desk.  His desk is on an outside row so that if he needs to stand up, he can without disturbing others or drawing attention to himself.  They even have a stand up desk at the back of the room if he ever needs to use that.  Most of his tics have been mild and he has learned to release the vocal ones outside or at home which also helps him in the classroom.

Earlier this fall, maybe a month ago, we had health screenings at the school.  He failed the hearing test and so the nurses suggested we get his ears checked.  Our speech therapist retested him a day or so later and he failed again so we took him in.  The doctor couldn't see anything that would be causing hearing trouble so he referred us on to a specialist.

Yesterday I took him to Sioux Falls to have an audio test and meet with an ENT.  They removed some wax from his ears that they believed may have caused the failed tests previously and then they gave him an audio test.  Afterwards the audiologist came in and explained that he did have some hearing loss.  It was mild to slight but it was in the midtone range where most talking levels take place.  She talked to him about getting hearing aids but told us the doctor would talk more about it with us.

While we were waiting to see the doctor, I asked Zeke how he was feeling about it all.  He said he did not want to get hearing aids.  Who would right?  I asked him why.  He said it would make him look like a nerd.  He was embarrassed at the thought and didn't want any of the kids at school to know about it right now.  We talked about how small hearing aids were and that maybe he wouldn't end up needing any after all.

When we talked with the doctor, he showed us more about the results of the test and talked to us about the next steps.  He said hearing aids would definitely help him but he wanted to wait a bit and retest him before we jumped into that.  When he is retested, if it is the same or worse, he will want a CT scan to check on the little bones around the ears to see if there are any that are not formed right.  We would also discuss hearing aids at that point.

As we were leaving the appointment he said, "Well, if I do have to get hearing aids, I wouldn't have to ask you to turn the music up when I can't hear it, I could just turn up my hearing aid!"  I love him so much!  He still doesn't want to get hearing aids but if he ends up with them, I know he will rock them just like he does his mullet!

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