Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cross my Heart, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in my Eye

That little chant has new meaning for me now and I will never say it again!  Last year, around this time, I started having eye aches for a few days and then I had blurry spots that would sometimes be in my vision.  Over several weeks the blurry spots got worse and so I finally went in to see my eye doctor.  I had pretty bad uveitis in both my eyes.  It was in the front of my eyes and the back.  There was a lot of inflammation in the front causing my eye to stick to my cornea.  I had to have my eyes dilated for 4 or 5 weeks and ended up having injections in both eyes.  I was terrified of the injections but my eyes were numbed and so I really couldn't feel any pain.  The hardest part was holding my eyes still and not looking at the needle as he injected it into the lower corner of my eye.

A couple of weeks ago I started have eye aches again.  They were a little different and instead of just lasting for a couple of days, they lasted for a couple of weeks (actually, they still ache - it hasn't stopped).  Then I noticed a blurry spot in my vision.  It was a little different than last time.  It didn't float around, it just stayed in the same spot all day.  I kept cleaning my glasses thinking they were smudged but it didn't help!

I decided to call the optometrist again to get them checked.  I didn't want things to get as bad as they were last time.  I hated being dilated for so long and I really didn't want to do injections again.  I went in Tuesday.  I had uveitis again.  The good news was that it was only in my left eye and it wasn't near as bad as it was last time.  The bad news was that there was a little twist to it this time.  The inflammation was in the back of my eye this time instead of the front and I had fluid behind my retina.  That was what was causing the blurry vision and achiness.  She did not want to treat me any further and sent me to the opthamologist that I saw last year. 

So I went over there and waited.  They did another vision test on my right eye.  I couldn't see anything!  Then they did some weird scan thing that took pictures of the back of my eye.  Then I saw the dr.  He said we needed to get another injection and start on the drops again.  I was ok with it because last time it didn't hurt.  This time however...

He put the numbing drops in and waited for a few minutes.  Then he came back and got ready to give me the injection.  As he started to poke, it hurt!  A lot!  Nothing was numb.  Since it hurt I was kind of squeezing my eye shut so he pulled the needle back out to get a different angle.  I told him it hurt so he gave me another numbing drop (I personally think they weren't numbing drops.  I think he had the wrong bottle).  Then he told me to look off to the side so he could have better access to that lower corner.  Then he stuck the needle in again.  It hurt!  Again!  And that membrane is tough to poke through so he had to push.  Did I mention that it hurt?!  Just as he got the needle in and began putting in the steroids, the headrest that my head was resting on, fell backwards and my head fell backwards.  He pulled the needle out really fast because he wasn't sure what had happened.  Then he had to put that stupid needle in my eye a 3rd time, still not numb and slowly finish injecting the steroids.  Oh my heck!  It was one of the most horrible things I have ever had to do.  Plus, now I am scared to go back to him!  Unfortunately I have to go back next Tuesday.

Anyways, that all started at 10:15 Tuesday morning.  It is now Thursday and my eye was still dilated today.  Not as bad, but it certainly was not back to normal.  I think he accidentally put dilating drops in my eyes instead of numbing drops.  If I ever have to get another injection, I am going to make him double check the bottle before he sticks me in the eye!
This was me Wednesday morning.  If you've ever seen Fievel Goes West - I have the Laaaazy Eye ☺

My eyes still ache, my left eye underneath is still puffy.  I still have a blurry spot.  Nothing seems to be getting better yet.  I go back Tuesday and he will check me again.  Then we will discuss the need to go see a retina specialist.  I am super frustrated with this all but I am very glad that I don't have to have my eyes dilated constantly like I did last time.  The blurry spot is annoying and gets in my way and the achy eyes make days at work long but it could be worse...

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