Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Day the Music Died

I have had a couple lines from two different songs running through my mind today.  Almost constantly.  It's actually been driving me crazy!  I don't mind when a whole song is stuck in my head, but having one line to a song repeated over and over again is a little maddening!

The first one is a Chipmunks song.  It reminded me of Makenna when she was little and it kind of reminds me of Zeke right now ☺  It's called "Song".  The part that I keep singing is,

'Cause when I rock, no one rocks harder than me
And I don't stop 'cause I got mad energy
I got the bass and the drums
They're moving me along

Yeah, oh, inside my brain, there's a song
You think I'm crazy, baby?
Inside my brain, there's a song

We all have some sort of song in our heads.  It's what makes us who we are!  Everyone moves to a slightly different beat.  Our music determines who we are, what we do, how we act and react, and what direction our life goes.  Our music goes along with our likes and dislikes, our quirks, our motivation, our humor.  It shows in our smiles, our dress, the way we carry ourselves.  Our music is our soul, our heart, our emotions.

The other song line that has been running through my head is from the song, "American Pie".  Love that song.  Today, my mind kept repeating the line that says, "The day the music died."

Have you ever had something in your life that causes your music to fade away and die?  Have you ever lost your beat and had your part fade away out of life's orchestra?  Mine has been fading now for almost a month.  Slowly, each day, my music gets harder to hear.  I still keep going.  My motions are the same, but my music is gone.  The music that made me laugh, brought a smile to my face, showed me the rainbow at the end of the storm.  My beat that got me up each day and helped me through life's tasks.  My song that gave me confidence and joy. 

I know some day the beat will come back.  It will be a little different than it was because I will be a little different than I was.  There will be times when the music stops for a moment as I remember or feel this pain again, but then my song will start over again.  I don't know when.  Every experience is unique.  Every beat stopping trial affects us differently.  But everything adds to our song - a new layer, a new depth, a new verse. 

I will be honest, I don't want my song to change right now, not like this. I would give anything to rewind and go  back.  Anything.

Friday, August 26, 2016

School is in Session

We survived the first day of school and the first week of school! 

All the kids seem to be enjoying being back with their friends, classmates and teachers.  I am excited to see what this year holds for each of them. 
 Maddi is in 10th grade this year.  She is in FFA and she will play basketball this winter.  She injured her Achilles last spring in track so she is not able to run cross country this fall but will help the team at their meets.
Makenna is in 9th grade.  She is in choir and cross coutry.  She will also play basketball in the fall and track in the spring.  Makenna loves singing the National Anthem at the ballgames.  She also sent in an audition to the NFR to sing the national anthem one night during the NFR.  Voting starts next month! 
Zane is in 8th grade.  School is not his favorite but he works hard and does the best he can with it.  He will play basketball in the winter and run track in the spring.  He is also in FFA.
Dillon is in 7th grade this year.  His first year at the high school/junior high.  I think he likes being there and switching classes and teachers throughout the day.  He is playing football this fall and loves it!  He will also play basketball this winter and run track this spring.  He loves all sports!
Zeke is in 5th grade.  He also is not a fan of school but suffers through it ☺  He is learning to do what he needs to do. He is playing football this fall and he will do basketball this winter.  He loves hanging out with his friends and he has a very fun group of boys to be friends with.
Olivia is in 4th grade.  She loves her new teacher and she is enjoying getting to know a new student in her class.  She loves school and socializing.  She loves getting dressed up everyday and getting to pick out her outfits everyday.  She is going to start volleyball this fall and play basketball this winter. 
I am the new librarian at the elementary school this year along with all my other duties from last year.  I still help out in the office, help teachers with tasks they need to have done and I will do the year book with the students as well.  I will also help coach Olivia's volleyball team and I will coach her basketball team.  I am also my children's number one fan and try to get to as many of their events  as possible. 

We stay busy but we have fun (for the most part).  Life is good (most of the time) and we are blessed by the opportunities and experiences that we have here. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Nerf Gun, A Blanket and A Broom

Yesterday morning I was quietly sitting in my chair checking my emails when all of a sudden something came flying at my head!  I screamed, dumped my computer on the floor and jumped up.  It was a bat!  It came flying past my head again!  I ran into the kitchen, it followed.  I ran back into the living room, it followed.  I ran to the stairs, it followed.  The whole time I was yelling to the kids upstairs that there was a bat in the house.  When I got to the stairs, the bat flew upstairs and I ran out the door, calling to all the kids upstairs that the bat was now up there.  Makenna refused to leave her room.  Maddi refused to leave the bathroom.  I called Zane (my fearless mouse hunter) and told him to get a broom and find where the bat had gone to ☺  I was still outside, refusing to go in.  He found the bat on the wall upstairs between Makenna's and Olivia's rooms.  I didn't know what to do now! 

I decided that we would try to get the bat into Olivia's room and out the windows.  Zane and Olivia went into her bedroom to get the screens off the windows.  I made Maddi come out of the bathroom.  Makenna still refused to leave her bedroom.  Dillon and Zeke were at work with Michael so we were short in numbers.  I got some crutches and they got a big blanket off Dillon's bed.  Once the screens were off, I had Olivia go outside.  I told her to watch the windows because we were going to try to get the bat to fly back outside. 

Maddi and I hung the blanket over the crutch tips and held it up to the ceiling blocking off the stairway and the hall.  The only place the bat could go was into Olivia's room.  I didn't want Zane to get too close to the bat so I had him get his Nerf gun and kneel down by the blanket and try to shoot the Nerf bullets close to the bat to make it fly.  Then he could use the broom to shoo it into the bedroom and shut the door. 

Well, it didn't work the first 2 shots so he had to go find more bullets.  About the 6th shot the bat finally started flying around.  It took another minute or two (in other words, forever!) before the bat went into Olivia's room and he was able to shut the door.  Once the door was shut, I went outside to see if Olivia had seen the bat fly out the window.  She, however, had gotten scared that maybe it would fly at her head when it came out so she had gone around the side of the house and couldn't really see her windows... 

I tried to look in them from down below to see if it was flying around but I couldn't see anything.  Zane snuck into her bedroom to see if he could see it.  He claimed he saw it in her closet hanging from a plastic bag that she had on her shelf.  He said there were too many things on the floor to close the doors though.  I told Olivia, since she had failed at her post, to go with Zane (I really owe him something big!), move the things out of the way and close the door so we could trap it in the closet.  I didn't want to leave the screens off the windows for too long because I didn't want other flying creatures in there too!

They did it and then we left it until Michael got home from work.  He's so lucky that we save fun things for him!  When Michael got home, he went up into her bedroom and could not find the bat!  Zane and Olivia went up and helped.  They pulled everything out of the closet one by one, checked the ceilings, the shelves, the doors, behind the dresser mirror and headboard, everywhere and there was no sign of the bat.  As they walked out, Zeke made the comment, "Have fun sleeping in here tonight!"

Guess who didn't sleep in there last night?  Olivia.  She refused. I don't blame her.  I wouldn't have either.  So, we have no idea where the bat went, if Zane really saw it in the closet or if it flew out the window while Olivia was not looking.  Where ever it is, it's not in her room.  This morning, I made sure the kids came downstairs before me, just in case there was another one flying around - that way I could make my getaway back to my bedroom while they ran around screaming with a bat flying past their heads ☺  I'm a good mom.  I want my kids to be able to experience all the things in life that I was/am able to experience.  It builds character, shapes them into well-rounded human beings, and gives them good stories to talk about when school starts again!

We were lucky this morning.  No flying creatures, no heart attacks, no screaming and no need to pull out the big guns again to protect ourselves.  However, I am keeping my bedroom door shut, just in case...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Tutu Run

Earlier this summer Olivia and I signed up to run a 2.2 mile Tutu Run.  We started running together 3 times a week until the day of the race.  I loved going running with her.  We talked, we listened to music and sang along and we set times we would try to beat.  It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with her.

Race morning finally came and Olivia was very excited to get her tutu!  Me, not as much.  I had never worn a tutu before and wasn't really sure I wanted to!  Tutu's are not my thing ☺  I did it though.  It had been a really rough week and I was running on very little sleep but we did it!  I let Olivia run ahead because I knew I would not be able to keep her pace.  She ended up running her fastest pace yet!  She was at the finish line waiting for me when I crossed along with Michael and Zeke.  Zeke ate my donuts for me while we waited for our friends to finish.

It was a fun morning and I'm glad we were able to do it together.  Maybe we can do it again next year too!

Before the race

After the race with friends from church (Olivia had just stuffed a chocolate donut in her mouth☺)