Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lightning Struck

Wednesday morning I was laying in bed, enjoying the fact that there was no reason that morning to rush out of bed.  We had nowhere we had to go until later in the day, so I was in no rush to get up.  It was about 7:30ish.  I heard thunder and thought it was weird because there was no rain in the forecast. About 5 minutes later I heard another thunder way off in the distance.  I thought this was even more reason not to get out of bed because there was going to be a storm and we couldn't go out and exercise anyways. 

Another few minutes went by and then all of a sudden there was this huge flash of light right out of my bedroom window with an even bigger crack and a thunder boom all at the same time!  I jumped out of bed so fast, my heart beating, so glad I had gotten up earlier to go to the bathroom so I didn't wet myself!  I imagine I looked similar to Michael's sister the day that his dad came in and put a rattle snake in her bed while she was in it.  Had there been a camera rolling, I'm sure I would have won some money for it somewhere.  I jumped up, covers flying, eyes crazy, looking around like what the heck just happened!  I seriously had never heard anything so loud in my life!  I looked out the window expecting to see trees down or something destroyed or on fire, but I couldn't see anything.  I ran and got the kids up to get them downstairs in case there was some sort of severe storm on the way that I didn't know about.  It had barely started sprinkling.  I checked the weather and nothing.  There was this ever so small line of clouds showing on the map with a red center that just happened to cross over the top of us.  It rained for not even 5 minutes.  There was not another thunder or lightning that took place.  Within minutes, it was all gone.

We all looked outside trying to see if anything got hit but we didn't see anything.  Later that day, while Zane was out mowing by the barn, he saw it.  He came back to the house telling us he had found where it struck.  We all went out and there in the middle of this little grove of trees was the tree that had been struck.  It was an huge tree, one of the biggest in our yard I think.  The bark on one side was blown off from the bottom to the very top of the tree.  Bark and wood splinters were thrown all over the yard by the tree.  The tree still had a huge splinter of wood connected to it, but fallen down. It was crazy!  And so close to home!

The kids all thought it was cool and we had to take pictures and videos of it and tell everyone about it.  If you come to our house, you can bet that you will be taken out to the tree so they can show you up close.  Of all the serious, severe storms and tornado warnings that we have been in and not have anything happen, to have this little bitty cloud line pass over us and have lightning strike is crazy!

Here are a few pictures of our tree:

You never know what Nature has waiting for you ☺

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