Sunday, June 19, 2016


Today, as we celebrate Father's Day, I am overwhelmed with the blessing that Michael is to our family.  Michael and I started this journey of ours over 16 years ago.  Who would have thought that in that time we would have 6 beautiful, slightly maddening children, lived in 14 different houses, five different towns and 4 states, finally settling in the middle of nowhere South Dakota? 
Over the years, Michael has always, always been there.  He has worked long hours to provide for us, allowing me to be able to stay home with the kids while they were little.  He has helped with diaper changes, night time feedings, cleaning, cooking, playing, repairing, building, washing, drying, folding, reading, teaching, and everything else in between.  He has always made sure that I am able to get away from time to time and enjoy a few minutes of non-mom time. 

Despite how tired he may be or busy he may be, he always finds time and energy for us.  He tries to get to the kids games and meets, which sometimes means getting up at 4 am so he can get chores done in time to make it a basketball tournament.  He has helped coach the boys in basketball, football and baseball.  The kids know that he is always there (though sometimes just in spirit and texts) to cheer them on.

He is always willing to help those around him.  He will be the first to offer help to the neighbors, his coworkers and our friends.  He will give up what little free time he may have to help where he is needed.

He is much more patient that I am.  (He doesn't have that red head gene like me...) He will take time to teach and explain to the children why what they are doing may not be the best of ideas. He takes the time to show them and help them understand a different way.  He is the chosen one to be in the front seat with the new, under-experienced drivers in the house. (I sit in the back and white knuckle the door handle while muttering some sort of cross between a prayer to God, my last goodbyes to my family and a death threat to our teenage driver as we take the corner on 2 wheels).  Michael calmly tells them to slow down a little before the next turn.

His funny stories and childhood "memories" bring so much laughter into our family.  The kids love to listen to his crazy stories about crossing the ocean as a baby, growing up with James (his older brother) and anything that starts with the phrase, "When I was a kid..."  The kids can't get enough of him!  His snuggles on the couch, him grabbing their toes and cracking them all at once, getting teased about what boy or girl they may or may not have a crush on, riding in the tractor with him, basically whatever he is doing, they want to be there.

I am so thankful for Michael and all that he is.  I love watching him be a dad.

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