Sunday, May 29, 2016

Life is Good!

Life is good!  These last few days have been amazing days.  We've worked hard - mowing, hauling branches, cleaning barns and scraping fences.  Maybe that's what has made the rest of the day feel so good.  Hard work makes everything better ☺

There have been so many little things that have brought joy to my day... 
Sitting out on the porch watching the sun set through the trees 
Getting winked at during supper by a cute little 5 year old boy - more than once 
Fist bump from the same cute 5 year old because he was impressed with my golfing
Watching the puppy wrestle with Nava
Listening to the kids run through the house and yard playing and chasing each other
Sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows
Feeling the warmth of the sun
Sharing Michael's hot, sticky buns with Maddi's boyfriend and totally embarrassing her (you had to be there - it was funny ☺)
Fresh bread with melted butter (yes, food brings me joy)
Waking up to birds chirping
Having a rainy day movie marathon
Going to the lake and watching the kids play in the water and try to jump the waves
Just sitting around, talking and laughing, telling stories until almost midnight
Playing cards with Olivia

Simple things bring the greatest joy and make life full.  Days like these, moments like these, help me get through the more frustrating times and situations.  The simple things that make life good, carry me through the challenges and keep me buoyed up during the stormy times. I'm so thankful for these simple, everyday joys.  The Lord truly has blessed me.

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