Sunday, November 22, 2015

Who is Your Superhero?

In comic books and movies, superheroes dress up in costumes, fight evil villains, rescue damsels in distress and then, in a huge final battle of good vs evil, they save the world from destruction!  Only a few have the special powers needed to be a superhero.  Only a few can win the battle over evil. 

Today these girls had their Young Women In Excellence program.  The theme was superheroes.

Each of the girls thought about who in their life was a real life superhero.  Then they wrote about why this person was their superhero.  They each got to invite their superhero to the program, present what they wrote and thank that person for being their real life superhero.  I was touched as I listened to the things they said.  I felt blessed knowing that they had people in their lives that they could look up to and follow.  These superheroes have taught them faith - in themselves and the Lord, kindness, confidence, persistence, positivity, charity and hard work.

These superheroes don't have fancy costumes, cool weapons and a tricked out car.  They don't have sidekicks or informants or a superhero squad.  They are everyday, ordinary people living their lives the best that they can.  Most of the time, I don't even think they know they are superheroes.  They just do what they do because it's who they are!

As I listened to Maddi and Makenna present their superheroes I thought about the superheroes in my life.  I have a lot!  They are the ones who have taken time to listen when I needed to talk.  The ones who held my hand and lifted me up.  The ones who smiled when I couldn't do it myself.  The ones who went out of their way for me.  My life has been full of superheroes.  Heroes who have silently lifted, served and helped.  Heroes who have taught and led and sometimes pushed and pulled. 

I had a 4th grade teacher that I loved.  She made me feel like I was her favorite student!  I was shy and quiet and nervous and she took time to get to know me and talk to me.  She is a superhero.  I had a Bishop when I was 14 who taught me about charity through the love he had for Christ.  When his son died in a car accident.  Despite his grief, he bore strong testimony of Jesus Christ and His love for each of us.  He is a superhero.  I have friends in Idaho (Katie and Monica) who made those early motherhood years so much more doable.  Superheroes.  I have a friend, Karla Wilson, who loved me and helped me and encouraged me and treated me like one of her own.  A very loved superhero. I have one that when I moved here for the first time 12 years ago, invited me in and has never turned me out.  One that I know is only a text away.  One that will come and help chase bats out of my house when Michael is away. A super superhero!

I work with superheroes.  They amaze me.  My fearless leader teaches me love and patience with an occasional burst of crazy to keep us all laughing.  I have superheroes that greet me every morning with a smile and hello.  There is a superhero that listens as I share my teenage girl woes and encourages me that we will all survive!  a superhero that stops by my desk just to ask me how I'm doing.  A superhero that goes above and beyond to help me with Zeke when I am overwhelmed with the thoughts of it all and encourages me to take time for me.  She reassures me that I am doing just fine.  A superhero that teaches me love and patience with her quiet voice.  A superhero that teaches me kindness as he goes about the school getting balls off the roof, cleaning up spills and messes, letting kids look at all his keys and showing them what's inside the boiler room.  A superhero that listens to my stories as I step into her office with a "so, guess what..."  So many superheroes.  So many small acts from people just doing their best that changed my life for the better. 

My life has been blessed with so many people who have helped "save" this damsel in distress and rescued us all from the evil villains that we face in life.  I am thankful for each one of them.  I am also thankful for the superheroes of my children - friends, leaders, teachers, coaches - all who take the time and reach out to pull them up.  Your light brightens the path for them.  Your example helps show them the way.  You are doing for them what so many have done and still do for me.  So I ask, who is your superhero?

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