Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Ok, so this summer Maddi got her driver's license.  We started searching for an inexpensive car for her to drive.  A neighbor of ours in Hendricks called one day and said that her daughter was selling her old car and it just happened to be in our price range!  We went over, checked it out and decided to buy it.  We knew it was older and that there is always a chance that something will go wrong with it but we decided to take our chances.  My first car was $250.  I bought it at a rummage sale.  It worked great for several years.  Sometimes those old cars can go forever.  We were hoping this would be the case with this car.  We really couldn't afford anything more than that right now. 

We drove it some this summer and it never gave us trouble.  Once school started, Maddi started driving it to school and back everyday.  Then, one morning around 7am I got a call from Maddi.  Her car had died on the way to school.  I called Michael to see if he could go help them.  Friends took them to school and Michael took the car to the repair shop.  Several days later we got the news that the timing belt had come off and there was other damage that would cost close to $2000 to fix.  So, Michael went and got the car and parked it in the yard.  We could not fix the car and it really wasn't worth putting that much money into.  Unfortunately, we couldn't afford another car either and with her 7:30 class, she needed to drive to school because there are no busses that run early.

She drove our Expedition to school, but we didn't want that to be a long term thing.  We started looking but couldn't find anything that would work for us.  Finances are so tight right now that we could not afford to add another car payment to our list of bills. 

Friends of ours asked Maddi about her car and if it was going to be able to be repaired.  She told them no.  Then a few days later, these friends told us they had found a car that might work for Maddi and wanted to know if we were interested.  I said yes and asked them to tell me the details on it so we could look in to it.  I never heard back.  The other day, I asked again, if they were ever able to find out more about the car. 

Yesterday, I got a text from this friend and asked if I saw what had been dropped off at the house and if would work.  I hadn't been home yet so I asked what it was.  The response... you'll have to wait and see... ☺ When I got home, there was a car sitting in our driveway.  The same car that they had told me about.  The car had been paid in full, put in Michael's name and delivered to our house with a full tank of gas! 

Wow!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't even know what to think!  I expected details on the car - mileage, price, color, etc... Not the actual car!  I never imagined that this is what they had planned!  What a blessing!  What an amazing act of kindness! 

I had been struggling with things lately.  Kids are expensive, food is expensive, life is expensive.  I am working.  Michael is working.  The kids worked during the summer, those that were old enough.  We are doing all we can but sometimes ends just don't seem to meet up and things get tough.  This car means so much.  It showed me that God was aware of my concerns.  It showed that I have friends who love me and care about me and are aware of me.  It showed me that blessings do come when we try hard to do our best.  It shows me that, despite all the crazies in the world, there are amazing people out there, doing great things in their life and making the world a little less crazy!

It is something that I can never repay them for, but I hope that they know how much this means to us.  I can't right now - not in this way, but hope that I can find ways to pay it forward and help some one else in need.

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Lisa Nguyen said...

Wow! What an amazing blessing! Love your family so much! We