Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall 2015

It has been so long since I posted last!  Once school and sports start, life becomes a whirlwind of kids, bleachers, golf courses and football fields!  We have had a good year so far.

Maddi is in 9th grade.  She is a legal driver now so she drives to school every morning for her 7:30 class.  She is a member of student council.  She joined FFA this year and is getting ready to go to Louisville for an FFA convention.  She ran cross country again this year as a varsity runner.  This year the distance changed from a 4k to a 5k so it was a new challenge.  She also started seminary this year.  For those that don't know, seminary is kind of like a bible study class.  Each year during high school they study a different book of scripture - Old Testament, New Testament, Book Of Mormon, etc...  She gets up at 5:30 every morning, gets ready for school, and then does her seminary lesson from 6 - 6:40.  Then she leaves for school about 6:50.  I am proud of all that she is doing this year! 

Makenna is in 8th grade.  She is in chorus and a member of the student council at school.  She plays volleyball again and gave cross country a try.  She goes to school early every morning so she can meet with the cross country coach and do her workouts before school.  Then she goes to volleyball practice after school.  She has worked hard at both sports this season and has shown great improvements.  She ended up qualifying for state in cross country as an 8th grader! She placed 13th (top 20 go to State) and cut several minutes off her time.  She knows how to give 100% and keep working even when it gets uncomfortable.  I am excited to get to go see her run at State! 
Zane is in 7th grade.  He is learning to adjust to the new demands of a junior high student.  He has surprised me!  He is usually very unorganized and doesn't care too much for school.  While those feelings haven't changed, he is doing better at staying on top of school work and getting things done when he has missed classes for sports.  He also ran cross country this year and did really well!  He is also the president of his 7th grade class.

Dillon is in 6th grade.  He is enjoying being the big dog in school!  He is in band and enjoys playing the drums.  He also played football this year and loved it!  His last game he scored 4 touchdowns - a great way to end the season!  He is looking forward to basketball starting in a few weeks. He loves sports!  He also loves horses and working with his dad.

Zeke is in 4th grade.  He loves to read - it's his escape from life.  He played football again this year and had fun being with his friends.  He tried out for an honors choir and loves learning new things!  His best buddy is Maddi and he loves hanging out with her.  She is able to calm him down when other things don't work.  They have a very special relationship.


Olivia is in 3rd grade.  She isn't old enough to do much but cheer the others on while they area doing their thing!  She is a good sport about it and is happy that her siblings have friends and teammates who have siblings her age so she has company when we are out supporting ☺

Michael and I are still working and trying to get the kids where they need to be when they need to be there.  It keeps us busy and we rarely have a quiet night at home but it is fun to watch the kids.  I am grateful that we live in a place where the kids can be so involved and that I have a job that allows me to be there with them.

That is a brief summary of our lives right now!  Crazy, busy, exhausting.  We are always in some kind of a whirlwind of coming and going but I love it.  I also love the occasional night at home in pajamas doing nothing.  It is getting chillier out now so I love spending the evening by the fire when time allows.

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