Monday, January 12, 2015

Zeke Turns 9!

On the 6th of this month we were able to celebrate our Zekie boy's birthday!  He was very excited for it to come and even more excited when we got a late start that day!  He took treats to his class and even left one on my desk - what a sweet boy :)

For supper he wanted chicken cordon bleu with rice and green beans and cherry pie for dessert.  That boy knows good food!

He got to continue his birthday week with no school Wednesday and Thursday and a late start Friday.  Friday after school he got to have a friend come home with him and spend the night. 

We are so thankful for Zeke!  He is certainly one of a kind.  He is helpful and kind, thoughtful and generous.  He is quirky and crazy and never sits still!  He loves to read and draw and play with legos and army guys.  He loves to be outside playing.  This year he has been able to play football and now he is in basketball.  He seems to love both.  He loves listening to music and break dancing.  I love the entertainment that the break dancing provides :)  We are so blessed to have him be able to share our lives with him.  We love you, Zekie boy!

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