Saturday, January 24, 2015

You Are An Inspiration

We all  have things that we wish were better about ourselves.  I could give you an endless list of all my flaws and all the things that I wish were different about myself.  I listen to these wonderful people that I love feel bad about themselves, doubt themselves and even become sad and discouraged.  When I listen to them talk, I don't see them the way that they see themselves.  I don't notice the extra pounds, the gray hairs, the scars, the forgetfulness, the supposed lack of patience or understanding, etc, etc, etc...  I see them and their beauty.  I see their hands and how they use them to help those around them.  I hear their voice speak words of encouragement and praise.  I see their eyes look at others with love and kindness.  I see their accomplishments in school, home, work, church, and community.

I notice how others interact and react to them and I know that they see the same thing I do.  They see love, kindness, intelligence, humility, light - things that make them beautiful.  Beauty from the inside, far outshines beauty from the outside.  It is amazing what love and kindness can do to a person.  It really does make a person more beautiful! 

A friend on Facebook put this quote on her status today and it touched me.   "Before you put yourself down, please consider everything you've accomplished to get to this point, every life you've touched, and every moment you've pushed beyond your fears. You are a champion. You are a fighter. You are are worthy of nothing less than the deepest love you have to share. You are an inspiration." -Scott Stabile

So many of my friends and loved ones have inspired me in ways that they will never know.  Their quiet strength as they go through their lives, strengthens me and helps me get through my tough times.  Their love and kindness affect me in ways that make me want to be kinder to others.  The service they give to me inspires me to go out and serve others.  They are champions - heroes in my life.

I am so grateful for the people in my life - those people that struggle just like me yet continue on with faith and love.  Those people who have touched my life and made it better.  Those people that are always reaching out and lifting up.  I hope that I can be the kind of person that can do to others what they have done to me.

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