Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, New Word

At the beginning of the year last year we all picked out a word that we wanted to focus on and work on.  I was amazed at the words that my kids came up with and how much each word fit them.  During our family scripture study throughout the year we looked up scriptures that had to do with each of their words.  We also tried to find stories or examples of instances where others used those words.  We tried to point out examples from our own lives when those words came into play and blessed us.  Last week we talked about our words and what was learned throughout the year because of our focus on that word.  Again, I was surprised by what they learned.  Of course, learning took place on both ends.  Sometimes the lesson came from using that word.  Other times it came from not using the word.  Some implemented the idea more than others so they were able to learn more. 

I asked everyone last Sunday to make this last week a time to think, ponder and pray about their next word.  I do believe that prayer is an important part of this process.  Heavenly Father knows us and loves us.  He knows our strengths, our weaknesses and our potential.  He wants us to grow and reach that potential.  He is interested in our everyday lives.  The decisions we make in our everyday life are what brings us closer to or farther away from Him.  If we petition Him, He will help us determine the things we need to draw closer to Him - even in the choosing of a word.

Today we shared our word with each other, why we chose that word and what we will do to remember that word.  Listening to everyone share their word, my testimony of the fact that Heavenly Father is interested in us, was strengthened.  I did not give any of them any examples of words, no hints as to what would be a good idea or anything else.  The words they came up with came from within themselves.  I do believe that if each individual focuses on their word this year their lives will be blessed and they will change in amazing ways.  I do believe that God was there, helping them and prompting them.  I believe that He will continue to be there to help them and prompt them with their words - that includes me with my word.

Maddi - her word is Believe.  Learning to believe in herself and continuing to learn to believe and trust in her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Makenna - her word is Integrity.  Learning to be honest in all her dealings.  Learning to be a doer of the Word and not just a sayer.

Zane - his word is Work.  He wants to learn to do the work and not be ok with just sitting back and letting everyone else do it.

Dillon - his word is Selfless (he is the most selfless of everyone in the family).  He knows that sometimes he thinks about just himself and he wants to remember to think of others and their needs.

Zeke - his word is Strength.  He wants strength to work hard in his sports and school work.  He also wants strength to stand up and be himself and not do something just because some one else is.

Olivia - her word is Kindness.  She wants to learn to be kind.  She knows that sometimes she can be stubborn with her friends and she needs to be right.  She wants to learn to be kind instead.

Michael - his word is Patience.  He felt it was something he needed to work on.

Me - my word is Perseverance.  I really need this!  My first thought was endurance.  That just meant hanging in there until the end.  Perseverance was the same as endurance but it talked about having grace.  To me that means hanging in there with a good attitude and humility. 

So, we begin our new year with new words and new focus.  I hope that we will all be able to find truth and knowledge through these words.  I hope that we will have the ability to remember these words and use them, even when it is hard.  I know our lives will be blessed as we focus and use them.  May we have the Strength, Patience, Perseverance and Integrity to Work hard, be Selfless, treat others with Kindness and Believe throughout 2015!

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Aubree said...

This is an awesome idea! My word: meekness.