Saturday, January 31, 2015


When I was little, I loved my dad's hands.  He has really big hands and they were always calloused.  When I was a little girl I loved to measure my hands against his and see how much bigger they were. I loved to feel the roughness of his hands.  To me they represented strength, love, help, and discipline. 

I loved my grandma's hands.  They were small and soft.  She would always pat my arm or tickle my back when I would sit next her.  Her hands showed me love.

I loved my babies hands.  When I would hold them, they would reach up and touch my face or grab  my hair.  I loved to feel their soft little touch and kiss their tiny fingers.  Their hands were pure and innocent.

Hands communicate so many things - love, service, fright, nervousness, playfulness, work, strength, dedication, sacrifice.  This week has been a tough week for a lot of people that I care about.  Loved ones are sick, loved ones have passed away, loved ones have made bad choices.    During all this I have watched as hands have reached out to comfort, lift up and hold.  I have seen hands write notes of love, hands reach out to steady and hands wipe away tears.

For some, they will need to hold the hands of their loved ones a little tighter as they struggle through their trials.  Some will be holding the hands of their loved ones one last time as illness overcomes and weakens the body.  Some will no longer be able to hold the hands of those they loved here in this life.

At some point we have all experienced these things in our life.  I love holding hands and I miss holding the hands of people that I love that are no longer with me on this earth.  With each experience, comes greater love and gratitude for Another's hands.

Hands that taught, healed and served.  Hands that suffered and bled.  Hands that were lifted in prayer on our behalf.  Hands that loved unconditionally.  Hands that were nailed to a cross.  Because of those hands, my hands can be washed clean from my mistakes.  Because of those hands, forgiveness is given.  Because of those hands, I will be able to hold the hands of my loved ones again. 

I hope that as we all go through our trials and sadnesses in life that we will be able to feel the love and strength of His hands and allow them to surround us in peace and lead us back to the safety of His presence.  I also hope that my hands can represent all that His hands stand for - love, sacrifice, service, forgiveness, patience, humility, strength, compassion.  I hope that through my hands, those around me can feel His hands.

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