Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Appointment is Set

This morning we faxed off our information about Zeke to the Mayo Clinic.  I was not expecting to hear anything back for a little while.  However, sometime during my run this afternoon they called and left a message.  I called them back and we have an appointment scheduled for next Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning.  We are in the process now of pawning all our kids off to people so we can go up Tuesday night and spend the night since our appointment is so early in the morning.  I am glad that we heard back so quickly.  I am nervous too.  I know it will be ok and I am thankful that we will be (hopefully) getting some answers soon.  I am grateful to the friends who are taking my children into their homes on a school night and taking care of them for the day.  I am also grateful to all our friends and family that have said so many prayers on our behalf and have offered so many words of support and understanding.  I am especially grateful to Zeke's teacher and the school counselor.  They have done so much to help Zeke ease into this year and to help me as I try to understand it all.  We are very blessed.

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