Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Thoughts

These are my thoughts as I lay in bed last night with the events of the day racing through my mind.  It may not make sense to most people or to anyone at all, but I guess that kind of describes how we are feeling right now as we search for answers of help... I don't always like to share my writing because I feel it opens me up too much.  I prefer people not to see my own weaknesses and things so deep in my heart.  It makes  me feel vulnerable and open to judgments that may not always be kind or needed.  But I also know that there are others out there who are also experiencing hardships and challenges and that maybe just knowing that they are not alone will help them on their journey.  So I will share...

My heart is torn and hurting.
Exhaustion is beginning to overpower
While patience desperately tries to stay on top.
Beside me you still struggle
Trying to stop but not being able.
Feeling shame because you cannot control.
Frustration is showing on your face.
I wish I could just take you and hold you.
I want to understand who you are.
And to help you understand too.
Your eyes show me the turmoil that's building inside
And the sadness when I ask you to do something you can't.
My requests to be quiet and settle down reflect my weakness not yours.
Please forgive me for my lacking and ignorance.
I know you are doing your best.
As we start on this journey together,
Know that I'll always be there.
Keep your hand in mine and together we will walk.
There may times when we stumble and fall,
When our hands may slip apart.
But you reach out and I will grab hold
And help you rise to your feet.
I will always love you no matter the day
And no matter where the path leads.
My hand will always be there to hold.
Our hearts always intertwined like our fingers are now.
As we move down this path together,
We will face it with hope and faith.
For we know that there is healing and wholeness
Promised to each of us.
Our Savior has come and suffered.
He has power to heal all that consumes us.
These struggles, though hard, are just for a moment.
And if we endure them well
We will one day find rest in His presence.
Healing and comfort wrapped in His arms.

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