Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another Tough Day

I held hands with a sweet, troubled child for many hours today.  We all went shopping.  Michael was out of town, the kids still needed a few odds and ends for school so we headed out this afternoon and spent the rest of the day shopping and eating.  As the day progressed, the behaviors escalated.  The only escape was reading a book in the car on the way home.  I held his hand, hoping the physical touch would calm him.  Usually it helps but not today.  So I then held his hand just to keep him close and contained. 

Again, his eyes were different.  They weren't his happy, shining eyes.  He said he was trying to stop but couldn't.  He knew what he was doing but did not have the ability to stop it.  I could see in his eyes that what he was saying was true. 

By the time we were done getting all that we needed, I was exhausted.  I can't imagine how he must have felt.  I finally sat down with the other kids and told them that we were all going to need patience and love as we went on this journey.  I tried to give them as much of an explanation as I could so that they could be more understanding of the situation.  Now we will just have to move forward, search for answers and say a lot of prayers.

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