Thursday, June 5, 2014

When It Rains...

It pours.  I guess I am having a pity party right now.  I have been so overwhelmed lately with things that a wet basement is just the thing to topple it all over.  I know there are worse challenges and trials.  I know people are worse off than we are.  I am very grateful for all that we have.  That doesn't make our challenges any less real.  It doesn't make the trials any less stressful and frustrating.  Right now, for me, I need this week to be over!  We have had hand-foot-mouth disease, unexpected money-sucking expenses and now flash flooding.  The basement is full of puddles.  I have a huge pile of laundry, stuffed animals, blankets, etc that need to be washed and dried because of the puddles.  I have not been the ideal mother today.  I have not faced this newest challenge with smiles and hugs.  I am dirty and probably stinky and my house is a disaster. 

So, I need to take a break and remember what is on the other side of this rain storm.  For one, I have a shop vac that works and if I didn't, I have had two offers to bring one over.  I have had friends offer to help clean up the mess.  Good friends are a huge blessing and I have so many of those.  I could not imagine life without the wonderful people that I have come to know and love over the last two years.  I know they would drop anything to come and help me if I needed it.  And they would bring a diet Dr. Pepper with them!

Even though we have had to deal with the annoyance of this weird little thing called hand-foot-mouth disease, my family is all healthy and strong.  As I listen to the four youngest play out in our new lake, I am very grateful for the health that we have all been blessed with.  I am grateful that they are able to run and play with no worries.  And though they overwhelm me at times, I love all six of them and I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  It gets crazy and chaotic at times.  Our yard is always full of kids running and playing it seems.  There are days that we have someone on our doorstep at 8am and the day is spent with a steady stream of kids coming and going until dark (sometimes even after that).  I am grateful that this is a place where kids can come and have fun.

There are also days (like today) that I wish Michael's job was closer to home and a little more flexible.  Who doesn't want that right?!  But we are blessed that he has it.  There are days he comes home covered in cow manure and tries to hug all the kids before he changes.  I love listening to them run and squeal as he chases after them with open arms!  I love that he is here and though he can't rush home every time I think I need him, I know that every evening he will be.  The kids love seeing him pull up in his work truck with Taz in the back.  They love when Daddy comes home and so do I.

There are so many other things, these are just a few of the ones that have particular meaning to me today - the rainbows after my storm.  Looking for these rainbows don't necessarily make the storm go away but they do add beauty to the clouds and puddles.  As I look at the sky and see more clouds coming in, I know that another storm is on the way.  That seems to be life sometimes.  Just as we get cleaned up from one storm, another one hits.  It's okay though.  I know if it does hit, there will be friends with towels waiting to help.  There will be puddles filled with happy, splashing, healthy kids and that soon enough Daddy will be home!

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