Monday, June 2, 2014

End of the Year Awards

I know I am late with this but it feels like, even though school has been out for a couple of weeks, that we are just ending the year.  Maddi's track season just ended so even though there has been no school we have still been at the school everyday for that.

Anyways, I am so proud of what my kids accomplished this year!  I was able to go to the awards ceremony at the elementary school on the last day of school and watch them receive their awards.  I was so glad I got to be there and I am so proud of them!  I will start with the youngest and move up. 

Olivia - 1st grade.  Olivia got 42 AR points this year.  She got the most in her class so she got an extra prize from the principal.  She was very excited to have the most!
She also earned the fitness gram (which is kind of like the Presidential Fitness Award) and she was in the Assist Club in PE.  The kids get "assists" in PE for being exceptionally good in class - listening, following directions, helping, etc.
Zeke - 2nd grade.  Zeke got 133.8 AR points.  He also got the most in his class.  He was reading books this year that had 21 points in them (and he got all 21 points).  Those are huge books for a little 2md grader!  He is a very good reader and he is able to comprehend what he reads so he can be successful when he took the tests.  He was also recognized for his success.

Along with AR he was also in the Assist club.  He received his Fitness Gram.  He also got an award for receiving 100% on all his spelling tests for the year.  That's a pretty cool thing I think!  I'm not sure I could say I got 100% on all my tests!

Dillon - 4th grade.  Dillon earned 271.4 AR points.  He was second in his class.  He also earned the Presidential Outstanding Academic Achievement Award.  I am so proud of him for that!  He worked really hard all year to receive that. 
He also received his Fitness Gram.  He also got his Book It award for earning all his Book It during the year.

Zane - 5th grade.  Zane got 408.1 AR points this year.  That is huge for my boy who didn't like to read very much!  He had the most in his class.
He also received awards for Assist Club and Fitness Gram.  He also received the Citizenship Award in his class.  I was very proud of him for that.  He was always a good example in class, listening to his teacher, staying on task and helping his classmates.  He also got a superior for his band competition.  He did a snare drum solo.

Makenna - 6th grade.  Makenna graduated from elementary school this year.  Big stuff!  Now she's on to the high school!  She earned 716.7 AR points this year.  She not only earned the most in her class but the most in the school.  She was very excited about that!  She got a huge basket of prizes from the school for all her hard work!
She earned her Fitness Gram and was in the Assist Club.  She was in both Honors Choirs this year.  She also earned the Presidential Outstanding Academic Achievement Award.  She was on Student Council. She took first in the Poppy Poster contest, first in the Americanism Essay contest, and first in the Poetry contest.

Maddi - 7th grade.  Maddi got perfect attendance :)  She also earned a letter in Cross Country and got the Newcomers Award.  She and another teammate received that because they was able to come up and run varsity when the team needed them to.  She also lettered in track this year and was able to run at State.  She also got a Character of the Month Award for Responsibility from one of her teachers.
All of the kids also improved their scores in all their testing.  Most of them are well above their grade average and continue to grow.  This year was our second year to go to Deubrook.  I am again, so thankful for all the opportunities my kids have because of this school.  They absolutely love this school!  It has been such a blessing for all of us.  

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