Monday, April 14, 2014

Zane's Birthday and Other Stuff

Yesterday we got to celebrate Zane's 11th birthday.  It is hard to believe that he is that old!  Time sure does fly!
How do you describe Zane?  Zane is Zane :)  He is laid back and easy going.  He loves to play.  He loves to read.  He loves to build things and shoot his bow and arrow.  He loves to go to work with Michael.  He loves basketball and baseball.  He loves to draw and he loves to make people laugh.  His room is always messy, his nails are always dirty, his homework is the last thing he does during the day but he almost always has a smile on his face!  We are so thankful for Zane and all that he brings to our family.  He is such a blessing!  Happy Birthday Cowboy!

Along with Zane's birthday this week we also had a lot of other things going on.  Maddi had three track meets.  I got to go to all of them.  The weather was beautiful and I loved being there to cheer her and her teammates on!

They ran really well, placed in their events and had several new personal bests!  I was very thankful for the sunshine and warmer weather we got to experience.  I hope it stays that way for the future meets!

The five youngest kids had their spring concert this week too.  They did an excellent job!  Makenna had a solo and a lot of speaking parts in the play that they 6th graders did.  She did an excellent job!  I was very proud of her and all the work that she put into it.  The other kids did a great job too!
 Olivia's and Zeke's classes.  Olivia is in the front on the left.  Zeke is further back and hard to see.
 The 3rd - 6th graders.  Makenna is in the front in the middle.  The other two are somewhere in there!
 Makenna before it started.  She was looking a little nervous but she did great!  Very proud of her!
Makenna during one of her speaking parts.
The next night was the school carnival and lock-in.  It was a very fun night for the kids.  I only got one picture before my phone died.  There were inflatables, face painting, a fishing pond, horse races, bingo, door prizes, cotton candy, sno cones and lots of other food and games!  The kids all got prizes of some sort.  When the carnival was done, the 4th - 6th graders got to stay for the lock-in.  I got to help chaperon.  They watched a movie and then got to go back into the gym and play on the inflatables.  There was more food and drinks, fun music and all sorts of laughing going on!  Saturday morning came early and naps were certainly on the schedule for the day!
Olivia and her friend after they got their faces painted.  Cute girls!

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