Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Day

We all have imperfections.  We all have shortcomings.  We all have trials and struggles, things that hold us back.  Sometimes we are teased and ostracized for these faults and shortcomings.  Sometimes we face prejudice and mocking.  Sometimes discouragement over takes us and fear and loneliness set in.  Sometimes we see those we love suffering and we wish we could take it all away, but most of the time we can't.

I was raised with an amazing example of overcoming.  My dad had polio when he was one.  It left him paralyzed from the waist down.  He never let it slow him down.  He did whatever he wanted to do.  There were times during his life that he was teased.  There were times that he was knocked down by his schoolmates.  There were times when he couldn't get a job because of his handicap.  Yet, he continued on, and he did it with a good attitude.  He never held grudges or blamed others for his circumstances.  There have been times when he has fallen because of his handicap.  Sometimes, most times, he would be hurt by the fall.  Yet, every time he would get back up and keep going.  He didn't complain.  He didn't use his handicap as an excuse.

Easter holds special meaning to me.  Through Christ's resurrection, we will all live again.  Not only that, but the imperfections that we have here in this earth life will be gone.  Our pains and sicknesses, our handicaps and disabilities will be no more.  One thing that I can't wait for is to see my dad in his perfect body!  It is something that I have always held close to my heart as I have watched him throughout my life.  Someday, when this earthly life is over, I will see my dad stand and walk.  I will see his legs receive their strength.  It is something that fills my heart with joy!

This Easter season these things are brought even closer to my heart.  As I watch one of my children begin a struggle that he has no control over, I hold to the knowledge I have of someday being perfected.  I look forward to the day when his body and mind will no longer be affected by earthly illnesses.  I am ever more grateful for a Savior who came to this earth, suffered and died for me and then rose again.  I am grateful for a Savior who loves me and knows me, who loves my son and knows him.  I am so thankful for the knowledge that this is all temporary.  These challenges we face, these frailties that we have, they are all temporary.  Yes, we have to endure them for a time, but then we are freed from them for eternity.

Frailties and sickness
Weaknesses and faults
Misunderstanding, judging, prejudice
Laughing, teasing and pointing fingers
Being different. standing out
Tears of sadness
Broken hearts
Loneliness and fear
But somewhere deep inside
Truth drowns out all the hurt
Someday I'll walk in perfectness
My body healed and whole
Weaknesses will be made strong
My broken heart mended
Tears of sadness turned to joy
For on this path Another trod
He overcame for me
Now through His love
I will be whole
Through all eternity
This Easter season I hope we all find strength and hope through the Savior.  He truly loves each of us.  He knows each of us personally.  He has felt our pains and sorrows.  He knows our hearts and deepest desires.  He walks with us daily and is waiting with open arms for us to come home.

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