Monday, April 7, 2014

Maddi's Busy Weekend

Maddison had a lot going on this weekend.  She decided to be part of the entourage for the high school musical, "Disco Inferno".   She didn't have any speaking parts but she was in basically every scene singing and dancing.  They did a matinee Thursday afternoon and then night performances Thursday and Friday.  A couple of her friends were in it too so she had a good time.  Here are a few pictures from her performances and afterwards:

 (She's the one in the navy blue flowered shirt)


Saturday she headed to Yankton to an archery competition.  I didn't go because I needed to stay home with the other kids.  She spent the night with a couple of friends that were going and they took her down Saturday morning.  The facility there is one that Olympic athletes use to train.  She said it was really neat and she had a lot of fun.  Thankfully her friends sent me some pictures!

This is them getting ready to shoot.  Maddi is the last one on the right.
 This is my favorite picture.  Maddi is in the back - 2nd on the left.
I am grateful that she gets to be a part of so many things here.  I am also grateful that she was able to spend a slow day yesterday to recover from her busy week before another busy week begins!  I am grateful for good friends that help get her to and from places when I can't be there to do it.  She is really enjoying her school year this year.  It has been busy and full of fun opportunities.
She and her science fair partner also attended regions earlier this week at SDSU.  That was also a fun day for her.  I did not get to go but she sent me a picture of them with their board.

Yes, that is a Burger Kind crown on her head.  They went for ice cream :)
I am proud of her and all that she has done and accomplished this year.  I am excited to see all that the future holds for her!

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