Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

For years now we have done a treasure hunt on St. Patrick's Day.  I started it when the kids were little - probably when Maddi was in kindergarten.  We had never done anything before except wear green but for some reason that year they were really excited about it and seemed to think that something really cool happened on that day.  So, I decided I might should do a little something so they were not disappointed.  We started the treasure hunt.  Not just any hunt though.  First the kids have to go outside and call the leprechauns (they thought this was really fun when they were little.  Now not so much but they did it!)  Then they have to go hide somewhere inside the house (all together) where there are not any windows to see outside.  While they are hiding the leprechauns come and leave hidden treasures in the yard (if there is not snow) and the house.  Then there are clues for the kids to follow and find the treasures.  Sometimes they have each had to find their own bag of treasures.  Sometimes they all have to work together and find all the colors of the rainbows.  Sometimes there is just one big treasure at the end of all the clues. 

Last night they had to follow the rainbow to find the pot of gold.  Olivia read first clue and off they ran to find a red treasure.
Then they went on down through the colors of the rainbow.  Each one reading a clue.

Once they found all the clues and had them lined up on the table in order they had to go back and hide and the leprechauns brought their pot of gold to put at the end of the rainbow.
 It's silly, yes and the kids are older so they don't believe in leprechauns like they used to, but they still look forward to it every year.  I love these little traditions.  Memories are made doing the little things in life.

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