Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dan Lennon Track Meet

Yesterday Maddi went to her first track meet of her junior high career.  It was in Vermillion at the Dome (thank goodness it was inside because it was cold outside!).  There were over 50 teams there from 3 different states.  It was kind of crazy! Kids and uniforms everywhere!  Maddi's first race was the 1600m run.  There were 64 girls that ran that race!  Her next race was the 800m run.  There were three heats and her heat had over 20 girls in it.  Again, crazy!  Her last race was the 4x4oom relay.  It was fun to watch her and her teammates run.  She took first in her 1600m heat and 3rd in her 800m heat.  I have no idea where she finished overall.  There were some big teams there with some really fast girls!  Here are a few pictures from the day:

Waiting for the 1600m with some teammates

First lap done and way out in front!

Still holding on to first place

Start of the 800m


Waiting for the 4x400m relay to start

Taking off after the hand off

It was so fun to get to go.  I love track!  It brings back so many memories - friends, sunshine, sweat, bagels, spoonfuls of honey, and that runners high!  I look forward to the rest of this season and may more seasons to come!

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