Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To: Mrs. Christiansen

I have had the wonderful opportunity to do a lot of subbing this year at my kids' elementary school.  Being a sub, you do have some kids that will test you, try to get away with things and push limits.  You also have kids that you can count on every time to be good and do what they are supposed to do. They know me on all different levels.  I coach some of them, some of them hang out at my house with my kids and I have subbed for all of them.  I love to tease them and give them a hard time and I always try to talk to them when I see them and let them know that I care about them.  This morning I was subbing and I saw one of the third graders with her bag of valentines that she was going to hand out to her class.  I said, "Oh! How nice!  You brought me some valentines!"  Well, guess what?!  She really had!  She pulled out a treat from her bag and it said "To: Mrs. Christiansen, From: Bailey".  I was totally surprised!  Even though I am just a sub, she had thought of me and made a valentine for me.  This isn't the first time that one of the kids have thought of me.  One day I was at school and one of the girls asked if she could go to her locker because she had brought me something.  She came back in with an ink pen with her family dairy logo on it.  Simple, yet thoughtful.  Another time at one of the elementary volleyball games, one of the 5th graders brought treats for her team.  After she had handed them out I heard her go to her mom and ask her if she could give me one too because I bring them treats sometimes.  Again, very thoughtful (and delicious!).  They ask me if I will come watch their games and want to know when I will get to be their sub again.  They give me high fives in the hallway and share their stories with me.  Last night at the ballgames I had seven kids (none of them mine) sitting with me and talking to  me!  To be honest, it makes me feel good.  It makes me feel like maybe I am making a difference in some one's life.  I hope that these kids look at me and see some one who really does care.  I hope that by listening to them, joking with them, coaching them, sharing my treats with them and taking time for them, their confidence will be increased.  I also hope that when I have to get on their case a little bit that they will know I do it because I care about them and want what is best for them.  I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to work with all these kids.  They test my patience at times and have to square dance in the library with me during lunch recess when they don't listen in PE, but there are also days that they totally make my day.  Like today, with a simple little valentine!

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