Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peanut M&M's, Wing Tipped Shoes and Baseball Caps

That is what is on my mind today.  Today is my Grandpa's birthday.  He would be 95.  He died a few years ago.  I was supposed to go out to see him and my grandma that year on his birthday.  My parents and siblings were going too.  Unfortunately a snow storm came and I wasn't able to make it to there.  He died the next month.  I was so sad I didn't get to see him.  He was always such an important person to me.  We didn't get to live close to him all that much.  He lived in Nashville and we lived a little bit of everywhere.  He and my grandma would always come out for a visit in the summers.  We loved their visits!  I remember standing in the driveway the day they were supposed to arrive and just waiting and watching for their car to appear.  When we saw it we would all go running and yelling.  I'm sure it was quite the sight!  Six kids running and waving their arms, shouting hellos and waiting for their hugs!

My grandpa always wore wing tipped shoes.  He always wore dress slacks with a polo shirt tucked in and a baseball cap - the kind with the netting in the back. And he always had peanut M&M's!  Sometimes he would share with us and we loved that!  He always made us feel special.  I loved sitting next to him on the couch and just listening to his voice.  He always called my Potsie.  I'm not sure why but he did.  I loved that too.  No one calls me Potsie anymore.  Sometimes it makes me sad because I know that a part of my life is gone now.

My grandpa liked to golf and he was good at it.  He liked football too and he was also good at that.  He was also a good baseball player.  Sometimes he would come out in the yard and play with us or watch us do "cool" tricks.  He always made us feel special and important.  After my 8th grade year we moved to Tennessee.  I was so excited!  That summer I got to go spend a few days and nights at my grandparents house.  I loved being the only one there and getting all the attention.

My kids were able to meet my grandpa before he passed away.  Not all of them remember him but I have pictures of them with him.  They are very special to me and I am so glad that I have them.  I remember talking to him on the phone one day and having him tell me how proud he was of me.  He told me what I good person I had become and what a wonderful family I had.  He told me my kids were beautiful and that we were doing a good job.  That meant so much to me.

So today, on his birthday, I am celebrating him by eating a handful of peanut M&M's and just remembering... Remembering his smile, his voice, his laugh, his smell, his wing tipped shoes and his baseball caps.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!  I love you!

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