Sunday, February 9, 2014


After several months of nonstop basketball, the season is coming to a close.  We have about two more weeks and then we will be done.  We had four kids in basketball this year.  Maddi played JH basketball and has really loved the new level of playing.  She is learning new plays and skills and learning how to get out there and be aggressive.  She has an amazing class of girls and I love going and watching them play.  They work hard and love to play.  I hope all of them continue to play throughout high school.  Here are a few pictures of Maddi:

Makenna also played ball this year.  It is her second year.  I was able to help coach again this year.  Makenna has also learned and improved over the season.  She loves getting in and getting the rebounds and she is not afraid to go fight for the ball.  She comes home from most every game with a floor burn of some sort!  Her team is learning to work together and it will be fun to see them play next year when they get to JH and get more gym time!  Here are a few pictures of Makenna:  (I haven't been able to get a lot of her because I am always on the bench and keeping the books.)

Zane played on the 5th grade team this year.  They have 10 boys on their team and he has really enjoyed playing.  Their whole team has improved so much over last year.  This is only their second year to play so they are a year behind a lot of the other teams.  Last season was tough and they lost most of their games.  This year they have been able to come out and win some games so their confidence has really grown.  Here are some pictures of Zane:

(Zane is the one on the floor.  He was fighting for the ball.  He likes to do that.)

Dillon played on the 4th grade team.  They have anywhere from 8 to 10 boys depending on the day.  Dillon loves playing ball and he gets out there and hustles.  He and his friends just go and go and go!  They are fun to watch.  There are some really competitive spirits on that team so things get a little intense at times and they get frustrated with themselves but they are a fun group of boys!  When Zane's class and Dillon's class finally get to play together on the same team in high school, they will have a very athletic group of boys!  And a lot of them!  Here are a few pictures of Dillon's games:

Unfortunately with four kids in basketball I was not able to be at all their games like I would have liked to.  I was able to see all of them play at least 2 games though.  Michael and I had to do a lot of tag teaming and splitting up.  Even then there were a few times that we couldn't get to see everyone.  This weekend we had three different tournaments in three different towns.  Michael took Dillon because he helps the coach during the games.  I went with Maddi because I had not been to one of her tournaments and Makenna had to go with a friend to hers.  I felt bad that she didn't have anyone there but they understand and know that we do our best!  Next year will be the same except we will have five playing ball.  Zeke will be in 3rd grade and that is when they start playing now.  Makenna will be in JH with Maddi so most of their games will be at the same time and I will not be coaching so that will help too.
Anyways, it was a fun season.  I love watching basketball and I love watching the kids play!  They don't always win but they always get out there and give it their best!

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