Monday, January 20, 2014

My One Word

I am lucky that even though I am just a sub at my kids' elementary school, the other staff have taken me in and included me in so many things outside of the classroom.  It has been a true blessing in my life, something that I truly needed after moving here.  One of the things they have included me in is our GAG group - Gals Achieving Goals.  Each week we get together, discuss goals we worked on the previous week and set new goals for the coming week.  They can be related to anything - spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, whatever we want to work on.  Then we help each other with ideas if we are struggling with something in particular.  We also take turns do a little presentation or something so we all leave feeling refreshed and full of new ideas.  I personally love it and I will be really sad when summer comes and we don't do it!

I had posted earlier about my feelings on goals and new year resolutions.  This year I wanted to do it differently so I was kind to myself and my imperfections.  Last week during our GAG meeting we learned about My One Word.  It is something I had heard of before but didn't really pay attention to until it was presented in our meeting.  It all kind of clicked and I decided that was how I could still have success this year in my goals but be kind to myself at the same time.  I listened and found the word that I loved.  It was actually one that she talked about during her presentation.  My one word?  ENOUGH!

Enough.  I am good enough.  I have had enough.  I am strong enough.  I am doing enough. No, that's enough.  It can be used in so many areas of life and twisted so many different ways.  I have always struggled with not feeling good enough or feeling like I am not doing enough.  I am not a good enough mother.  I am not a good enough wife or friend or neighbor or anything.  I am always so busy that it is hard to find time to do what I feel is important.  Now I have a word that I can focus on.  A word that can bring strength when I don't feel strong enough; comfort when I don't feel good enough; and peace when I have had enough.

I didn't stop with myself though.  We are always talking to our children about growing, learning, changing, and becoming who God wants them to become.  We try to teach them the gospel.  We try to teach them right from wrong.  We try to teach them service for others and love for all.  We try to teach them who they are - children of God.  We try to teach them to be strong and confident, to work hard and always give it their best.  Sometimes it seems to sink in and other times it doesn't.  So, I thought I would give this approach a try with them.  Last night we talked about My One Word.  We talked about how it can change them into what they want to be and into what God wants them to be.  We talked about how just one word can encompass so many areas of their life.  If we each have one word that we focus on throughout the year, at the end of the year we will be amazed at the changes we feel in our lives.  So, I sent them to bed with instructions to think about a word and to pray to Heavenly Father about a word.  After all, He knows better than anyone who we are and what we have potential to become.  They did and this afternoon we shared our words.  We made signs for each of their words to hang in their rooms by their beds.  I told them to write the words on their mirrors and dry erase boards, write them on their book covers and bookmarks, put them in places where they will see them and be reminded of them constantly.  They all seemed excited about it.  I know it won't mean as much to the younger ones as it will the older ones but we are all going to do it anyways!

So here are our words...



Makenna: FAITH

Zane:  HAPPY


Zeke:  TRUTH

Olivia:  LISTEN

I must say, I was impressed with the words they came up with and if you know my kids, you can see how each word fits them and their personalities.  These are words that can/will have great meaning in their lives and in their own personal interests. 

How will we incorporate this into our daily lives so that we can remember these words all year?  Aside from having the words posted around the house, it will become part of our daily/weekly devotionals.  Every evening before bed we read scriptures as a family and say family prayer.  Each week we have Family Home Evening.  That consists of prayer, song, lesson, sometimes activity (I kind of slack on that) and a treat.  Everyone takes turns each week doing the different things.  So, each evening we can ask - what have you done to be fearless? have faith? be happy? show obedience? tell the truth? be grateful?  listen? and be enough?  The kids love to share their accomplishments and I love to see their insight into life and how it affects them. 

I am very excited to do this and see the growth that we each have over the year.  I feel that them choosing a word (and Michael and I too) will help them feel empowered.  It is not me or Michael telling them what to do anymore.  It is them choosing to work on something that they feel is important.  It is them seeing how THEIR choice of word is helping them grow.  It does not require perfection.  It does not encompass the ability to fail.  It is a progression.  We have good days, we have off days.  At the end of each day we can look back and see how the word has affected us or maybe even how lack of the word affected us.  If we forgot to look for ways to be happy what kind of day did we have?  If we chose to be fearful instead of fearless, how did our day go?  I think no matter what, this word that we all chose can help us whether we remembered to act on it or not so no matter what, we have learned and grown.

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