Sunday, January 19, 2014

Boys Only Weekend

For Christmas the boys got tickets to a Vikings game from Michael's mom.  Dillon was excited being a big Vikings fan!  Zane questioned it since he was a Packers fan and Zeke questioned it too since he was a Colts fan.  They went to the last home game of the season and the last game to ever be played in the Vikings Stadium.  They left Saturday morning and headed to the cities.  It was a boys only weekend - no girls allowed!  (Michael did say us girls could come but I thought it would be fun for the boys to go without us)  They went to the hotel and swam most of the evening, got to eat supper at TGIFridays and then enjoyed playing around in the hotel room.

The next morning they headed to the stadium.  Zane and Zeke's questioning ended once they got there. They were just as excited at Dillon as they headed inside!  They had a blast and it was a good day to go because the Vikings somehow managed to win (that hasn't happened a lot this season)!  Here are a few pictures of game day:

They all came home with a flag from that they were giving away to everyone as they came in to the stadium.  Dillon also found a purple feather on the ground and he took a chip of purple paint from the railing.  When they got home they were all talking at once telling me about what they thought were the coolest plays of the game!  Zane thought it was cool that he was not the only one wearing a Packers jersey.  He also thought it was funny when a man came up the stairs in a Packers jersey and everyone booed him! Now all they talk about is the next game they want to go to.  Zane is determined to make it to a Packers game :)  Maddi was jealous that she missed out on the whole thing but us girls had a day out on the town too while the boys were gone.

Thanks Munu for the tickets and Stacey for the hotel!  They had a great time!

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