Sunday, December 29, 2013

Birthdays and Concerts

With the busyness of Thanksgiving, basketball starting, Christmas and everything in between I never did post anything about our November birthdays and our Christmas concerts.  I didn't get many pictures taken either.  I will post a few...

Makenna turned 12 on the 15th.  She was very excited for this day to come.  She was able to move up from the younger kids Sunday School at church to be with the older kids.  She and Maddi get to go together and they do a lot of fun activities.  Makenna has grown a lot this last year.  She has found confidence in herself and is able to stand up for who she is and what she believes - even if others don't like it.  I am very proud of her and all that she does.  She is very smart and makes excellent grades in school.  She is on the student council and one of the editors for the school newspaper.  She continues to love music and art.  She got the lead role in the play for the Christmas concert and also made it into the SDSU Elementary Honors Choir.  There are over 750 kids that tryout throughout the state and she was one of the few that made it.  She also loves to bake and has spent many Sunday afternoons in the kitchen making yummy treats.  She played volleyball this fall and is doing basketball this winter.  She seems to enjoy being a part of a team and working hard.

Maddi turned 13 on the 21st.  She is officially a teenager and very proud of it!  She is loving Jr. High and being with the older kids in school.  She ran cross country this fall and did great.  She ended up on the varsity team, took 28th at regions and lettered.  Not bad for a 7th grader!  This winter she is playing basketball.  She also does very well in school and has made excellent grades.  She loves being a part of the youth group at church.  She, too, stands up for who she is and what she believes in.  I am very proud of the young woman she is becoming.  She loves anything sports and nothing girly :)  She is 100% tomboy.  She is a daddy's girl and loves being around her dad.  She got her hunting license this year but has not had much of a chance to shoot her deer.  Hopefully she will get a chance to shoot one next week before they head back to school.

We also celebrated Michael's birthday on the 24th.  He is not a picture person so I have nothing of him.  We did make him fried pies and celebrated after he got home from work.

Next came Thanksgiving (which I posted about - but forgot to post this picture.  They are so Michael's kids)
They weren't allowed to gnaw on those until I left the table - makes me sick to watch it!
Then came the Christmas concerts.  I mentioned above that Makenna got the lead role in the little play the 6th graders do for the Christmas concert.  She also had a solo.  She did a very good job!  All the kids did.  It was a really fun concert to watch and listen to!

Taking a bow at the end
Maddi also had her concert.  I didn't get any pictures because she never came home from school before the concert and I forgot my camera :(  They did a good job too though.

I am very thankful for my family.  My children amaze and teach me on a regular basis.  They humble me and love me unconditionally.  I am so thankful for the area we live in.  While some days it may seem isolated and inconvenient, it is a wonderful place to raise a family and the communities that we are involved in are filled with so many wonderful people!  My kids go to an excellent school with wonderful teachers and they are able to be a part of so many things.

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