Monday, November 11, 2013


Today was a Monday for sure...  It started out with me subbing.  In the high school.  I have never done that before!  No big deal right?  Wrong!  In high school I was a very shy, unconfident girl.  High school was hard and I disliked most of it.  So when I got the call last night to sub there, I immediately reverted back to that shy, uncertain girl with sweaty palms and shaky hands.  Luckily it was for PE and things were pretty laid back and the kids were pretty good at doing what they were supposed to do.  It was also nice because the day started out with entertaining the elementary kids in the gym while we waited for the assembly to start. 

Anyways, so while I was adjusting to being in the high school (which by the way ended up not being so bad) I got waved down by the secretary telling me that I needed to call the elementary school.  She said something about Dillon falling and hurting his arm and maybe it being broken.  Yay.  So I called the school.  Dillon had fallen at the assembly and was not able to use his left arm. His elbow was swollen and they thought I should probably take him to the doctor to have it checked. 

He is my tough little boy.  He doesn't complain or cry.  If he gets hurt he'll mention it once and then not say anything about it again.  I guess he did mention it to his teacher when they got back to school but it was when everything was crazy and they were trying to get kids off the bus and in the classrooms.  Then he never said anything else about it.  During lunch they noticed that he wasn't using that arm and was keeping it tucked in close to his body.  The principal pulled him aside and asked him if he had hurt it.  He told her he had.  She asked him if he could move it.  He said yes and then grabbed it with his right hand and moved it!  (So Michael...) She asked him if he could move it without using his other hand and he couldn't really.

The high school was nice and they let me leave early so I could go get him and take him to the doctor.  On the way to the clinic I asked him why he didn't say anything else to anyone.  He said he didn't know.  He said it only hurt when he moved it so he just didn't move it.  I asked him what he did at recess knowing that every recess he plays a very intense game of football!  He told me he just played one handed.  Then, with a huge grin on his face, told me that he made a one handed catch and made a touchdown!  This is the same kid that went a week last year before we figured out that he had broken his arm and then still played basketball with his cast.  He is one tough little boy!

Anyways, results came back clear.  They aren't 100% sure but it looks like there is not break.  There is swelling and obviously pain.  He couldn't straighten it to get the x-rays taken.  They put it in a splint and wrapped it and then gave him a sling.  He has to leave it on through Thursday.  Then we can take it off and see if he can move it without pain.  If there is no problem then we can leave it off.  If there is still a lot of pain then we have to put it back on and go in for more x-rays.
While I was sitting in my last class I wrote this poem about Dillon.  He is such a sweet boy.  I love all my children but he has always held such special place in my heart.  There is a bond there that I can't really describe but it has been there since the day he was born.
Tough as nails this little boy
He never cries or makes a noise.
A broken nose or banged up knee,
He never says a word to me.
He just keeps going on with his day,
Whether it be off to school or out to play.
Gentle as a lamb this little guy,
With a kiss and a hug whenever I cry.
A helpful hand that reaches out
Always to be counted on, without a doubt.
A tender heart so full of love.
A special gift from Father above.
Tough as nails yet so gentle too.
My dear, sweet Dillon, I love you!

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Carrie's Quilt's said...

i love your poem! that was just so sweet i pray his arm is getting better!!