Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week I was able to go to parent teacher conferences for my five youngest kids.  I went to Maddi's a few weeks earlier.  I must say that I walked away feeling quite pleased with my children :)  As a mother, I always hope and pray that they will act they way that they have been taught, treat people nicely, and always do their best.  It was so nice to hear from their teachers that they are all doing just that!  You never know what they will do when you are not looking!

We had mostly A's and S+'s with a few B's.  We had reports of being responsible and kind, helpful and respectful and hard working.  I am so proud of my children.  They are hardworking and respectful.  They are good friends and helpful.  They have their moments of course, but so do I!  They are good kids and I love them all so very much.  They are each so different with different strengths and weaknesses.  I love watching them discover things that they are good at.  I love watching them grow as they try to learn these new things.

I have watched them overcome fears and step out of their comfort zone to experience new situations.  I have watched them stand up for what is right and not be bullied by those who think they have the right to push people around.  I have watched them take care of those who need a friend and include classmates that may be different from everyone else.

I am thankful for them and their examples.  I am thankful for their teachers.  We seriously have the best teachers in the world at Deubrook :)  I am thankful for the rest of the staff there too.  The principal is there to greet them each and every day.  The secretaries will stop what they are doing to get a band aid or a bag of ice.  The librarian knows them all by name and takes time to learn about them and help them find a book that they can get lost in.  The food staff also knows the kids by name and even knows what foods they will eat on certain days.  The counselor comes to the classrooms and helps promote positivity in the school.  The janitors even greet the kids with smiles (even when there is mud tracked from one end of the school to the other)!

I just feel so blessed.  Great kids.  Caring school.  Good community.  Amazing friends.  I love Parent Teacher Conferences!

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