Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good Girls

Yesterday I got to go watch Makenna and her teammates play their last volleyball games of their 6th grade year.  It was a tournament.  They played four teams.  With each team they played two sets to 21.  How you did in those matches determines whether you went on to the final rounds or not.

Our girls won their first two sets and were so excited.  Then they lost their next two.  It was a hard game and the girls really had a tough time.  The team they played against was an amazing team that had been fine tuned and probably could have played well against a lot of varsity teams!  Even though we were getting beat, the girls still stuck with it.  They also ended up losing the rest of their matches.

Through out the day they had to deal with a lot of emotions and other things that I will not go into here.  There were tears and frustrations, but I walked away, as a parent, proud of our girls.  Despite the toughness of the day, our girls handled themselves very well.  There was a little bit of getting at each other, but overall, they stuck together, worked together, and kept trying.  There were tears at the end when they found out they didn't make it to the brackets, but there were no fits, no angry words, no blaming each other (at least not that I heard). 

They worked hard this season, they improved over last season, they had fun with each other and included new teammates into their group.  We have some really good girls on our team and I am proud to call one of them my daughter!  Way to go little 'Phins!

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