Friday, October 4, 2013


Zane and Dillon have been playing football again this year.  Zane is on the 5th and 6th grade team.  Michael is helping to coach that team. 
 Dillon plays on the 3rd and 4th grade team.

I have only gotten to go to one games o far.  Dillon has four games and Zane has six.  Dillon has one left and Zane has two.  They have really had a fun season and worked hard.  Zane has made some great tackles and a touchdown or two.  Dillon has made at least four touchdowns. 

 This is Dillon running in for one of his touchdowns.  That is one of his best friends blocking for him.

This is Zane running in for a touchdown.  He had to out run a lot of guys to get there.  Thank goodness for a few good blocks from his teammates to help him on his run!

I love watching them play and get excited about the game.  It will be fun to watch them grow up with these boys and see what their team can do! 

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