Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Deubrook Nation

This post will be an "Ode to Deubrook" kind of post :)  Last fall (2012) we made the decision to enroll our six children in the Deubrook School system.  After looking at the different options we felt this would be the best place for our kids to go.  It was hard.  We lost friendships.  Maddi lost the opportunity to go to school with her best friend (something she had been looking forward to since we first started talking about moving back to the area).  Now we are in our second year at Deubrook and all I can say is that I am so glad we made that hard choice.  It has been the best thing for our children!  I am not trying to say anything against any other school, but for our kids this was the best thing.  Last year and this year my kids have been quite involved in sports, newspaper, choir, band, student council, etc.  It has been so fun to watch them!  It has also been so neat to see how the kids and the staff work.  I have also been quite involved at the school.  I sub and I try to go a few times a year to visit the classrooms and do something fun with them.  I have really had a chance to get to know everyone at the school and I am impressed.

We have been a part of five school districts and I have never seen a school like this.  Teacher meetings are started with a prayer at the beginning of the school year.  Teachers love and support each other.  I can go to any of the classrooms in the elementary school and I could ask any of the teachers for help and they would do their best to give me the help I needed.  They would pray for me and even with me if I asked.  They get together outside of school too and build true friendships.  And they include me and I am just a substitute teacher.  I have sat in on teachers' meetings and listened to their true concern for their students and seen the time and effort they put in to their lessons.

Maddison has moved to the jr. high/high school this year.  She has been running cross country with several of her friends and classmates.  They all support and help each other.  If they aren't running, they are cheering on who ever is.  Before each race, they huddle and pray together.  At the end of the race they are there to congratulate.  They work hard and are kind to each other.  The older kids include the younger ones and encourage them and set wonderful examples for them.

I know it's not perfect.  No school system is.  It has it's fair share of problems and it always will, but they always seem to rise above it and continue forward.  Today I was impressed yet again.  Maddi had a cross country meet.  She ran varsity along with three other 7th graders and an 8th grader.  Those girls got out there (some of them had only run varsity one other time and some had never run varsity) and they ran with heart and determination.  Our little jr. high girls took 1st place for the meet!  It was so exciting for them.  I know all the kids get out there and do their best and I know a lot of people feel the same way about their school, but I was still so proud!  I watch them practice, I have been to every meet but one.  I have watched them improve and get stronger.  I have watched them cheer each other on, even if they do as well as they had hoped. 

Our school has good kids and good staff.  My kids absolutely love it and I do too.  I was afraid of losing friends by switching but instead I found even more friends.  I was afraid my kids would struggle with another change but they were swept right in and welcomed with open arms.  So, to all those who make up the Deubrook Nation - thank you for all that you do and all that you are!  My family has been blessed by being a part of you!

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