Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cross Country

Maddi joined the cross country team this year and has done awesome!! She started out JV and took first in her first race.  She was so excited!
Each time she ran she cut more time off her best and she has really enjoyed running with the team.  There are seven 7th graders out for cross country this year and they all seem to have a lot of fun together.  They are so good at cheering each other on and showing support.  I love to watch them run and interact with each other.

This last week she ran her first 4000m race (usually JV runs 3000m) and she took another first!  She was nervous to run the extra distance because she had never done that in a race and wasn't sure what pace to go.  I think she picked the right pace!

Yesterday the coach moved her up to varsity along with one of the other 7th graders that has been running up front with Maddi.  They ran their first varsity race and did well.  Maddi took 13th. I did not get to go watch but I am so proud of her for doing her best even though she was tired from the race the day before.  All three varsity runners placed in the top 20.

Now she has a few days of recoup before her next race.  Then it is on to regions!  I have loved watching her run this year!  I love watching her get stronger - not just physically but mentally too.  She has learned to run hard at every race.  She has learned to push even when she is tired and get to the finish line with nothing left to give.  She has learned that she is better than she thought she was and I have loved watching her confidence grow.  She has learned that hard work pays off.  She has learned to cheer on a teammate even if that teammate beats her in a race.  She has learned to use her arms :) She has learned respect for her body.  I hear her making choices on things to eat and drink as she decides which would be healthier for her.  She has learned to be a positive part of a team that builds up each other and pushes each other to do better.  I hope that as she continues through the last few weeks of this season and moves on to the next sport that she will carry this all with her and always strive to be the best that she can be!

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