Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dillon Turns 9!

Last Sunday, the 1st, we celebrated Dillon's 9th birthday!  He opened presents before church.


After church we made chocolate zucchini brownies for his birthday treat (his request) and beef stroganoff for his birthday dinner.

It was a quiet day.  We had some sickness in the house over the weekend but it was still a fun day.  We made a fire that evening and enjoyed the cool air and the warm fire.  We took treats to school during the week this week and then he invited a few friends to come over after school Friday for a party.
We are so thankful to have Dillon in our lives.  As I have said before on previous birthday posts, he is such a sweet, kind, caring boy.  He has such a soft spirit.  He is very easy going and everyone loves him.  He is quiet and observant.  He loves sports and playing with his friends.  He holds a very special place in his momma's heart and I love him so very much!

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