Friday, August 9, 2013

New Additions

Over the last few years we have been searching for a dog that would fit into our family.  To be honest, we have gone through several.  Most of the time the kids ended up being afraid of them for one reason or another. 

We have a cow dog that Michael uses at work and he does an excellent job there but the kids don't particularly care for him.  Olivia has her kitten that they all like, but we still wanted a dog.

Well, we found not one, but two!  And they are huge!  They are Irish Wolfhounds named Nava and Orla. They are sisters and are 2 years old.  We went out to see them almost two weeks ago.  They were so mellow and nice.  Even Olivia (who is most afraid of the other dogs) was petting them and laying on them.  She loved them!  So did the rest of us.  We went back a week later and got them. 

We have had them for five days now and the kids have really been enjoying them.  They take them for walks, brush them, pet them and sometimes just sit with them.  The dogs are super mellow (which I need in a house with 6 kids) and seem to fit right in.  I'm sure to others it may seem like total chaos at our house with 6 kids, 3 dogs and a cat, but there is order to our madness and it is what keeps life fun and interesting.  Here are a few pictures of our new additions:

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