Monday, July 29, 2013

Basketball Camp and Baseball Games

This summer has been a busy one!  We have had three basketball camps, one kid in softball, on in t-ball, one in 8U baseball and 2 in 10U baseball.  Plus we took a trip to Wyoming and Idaho, we cleared rock out of the yard, made a new fire pit, painted the feedlot office, rode horses, four kids did a singing workshop, and we've exercised almost every weekday morning.

Well, last week we were finally able to end most of the activities and now we are hoping to have a few relaxing weeks of summer before school starts again.  Dillon had a basketball camp last week at SDSU in Brookings.  He had a lot of fun and is looking forward to doing it again next summer. They worked on skills, played games and finished off the camp with t-shirts that the basketball team autographed.

Last week also finished off the baseball season for Zane and Dillon.  We had tournament games Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before we were eliminated.  The boys learned a lot this season and had a lot of fun playing ball with their friends.  Zane got to be a pitcher in a lot of the games and Dillon was catcher. 

It was fun to get to watch all the games - I love going to ballgames, but I am glad for some free time and evenings at home around the fire pit :)  Soon we will start up again with one in cross country, one in volleyball and two in football. Gotta enjoy the slow days while we can!

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