Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Kitten for Olivia

Olivia had been wanting a kitten ever since we went to our friends house back in June and they had kittens at their house.  She fell in love with one and started asking about getting one for herself.  Luckily, those friends happened to be giving away their kittens so Olivia got the one she loved. We picked it up as soon as it turned 6 weeks old.  It is a little grayish one and she named it Princess.
She absolutely loves Princess!  She bought her a pink collar with a bell and rhinestones. She picked out a "glitter" box and some "glitter", food and a toy. 

The first night we had her and we all went to bed Princess started wandering around the house meowing.  Olivia couldn't stand it.  Every time she heard Princess she would get up and turn on the lights to make sure she was okay.  At one point she even tried to make a bed for herself and Princess in her toy bucket so they could sleep together and Princess wouldn't be lonely.  I finally told Olivia to sleep out on the couch with the kitten so we could all get some sleep!  That seemed to work much better!

It's cute to watch our little Princess take care of her little Princess.  I hope they get to grow up together and be best friends :)

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