Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Uummm, Mom? I Kind of Kicked a Tree...

Around 4:30 this afternoon I was getting ready to call the boys in to get ready for baseball.  Olivia comes walking in the front door looking kind of concerned.  I asked how she was.  She said, "Good.  Except, uummmm Mom? I kind of kicked a tree and my toe hurts."  She came limping over and I looked at her toe.  This is what I saw:
At first I couldn't tell if it was dirt or what stuck in there so we washed it and I decided it was bark.  She wouldn't let me touch it and I knew it needed to come out so I had to call the clinic.  They had us come over.  While we were waiting I took this picture:
The bark was pushed all the way inside the toe so there was nothing sticking out to grab onto to pull it out.  The doctor let Olivia decide how she wanted to do it.  He could either use a little tool to hold her toe still and just pull the bark out or she could get 2 shots in her toe that would sting at first but then it wouldn't hurt when he pulled.  She decided to go with the shots.  We took her down to the hospital (it's connected to the clinic) and they got everything ready.  I felt bad because I wasn't able to hold her hand or anything while they were doing it all and I could tell she was scared.  She didn't cry until they gave her the shots.  Then she cried really hard.  They let it sit for a minute and then pulled it out.  She watched them do the whole thing while she squeezed the nurse's hand.  He said she made a good choice getting it numbed because the bark was kind of wet and it took him three tugs to get it out.  This is the chunk he pulled out:

That is a pretty big chunk for such a little toe!  They let her put it in a container and take it home so she could show everyone!  They said for the rest of the day she needed to elevate it and ice it.  They also said to keep her on Tylenol for the next day or so.  We have to soak it twice a day for the next few days because it is just an open wound right now and they don't want it to get infected. 
We have to keep it bandaged to help keep it clean and she can't play in the dirt is she has sandals on and she can't get it wet for a while either while she is playing. 

She was a brave little girl today and got a sucker and two stickers out of the deal!

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