Friday, June 21, 2013


Olivia played t-ball this summer.  Her team was the Tigers.  Last night was her last game since we will be out of town next week for the last game of the season.  I was able to be one of her coaches.  It was a lot of fun.  She was able to be on a team with some of her friends from school and she had so much fun being able to see them each week for games!  A lot of her other friends and classmates were on the other teams so she got to see them too on game nights.  These t-ball games were quite the event!  I couldn't believe how many people came to the games!  It was so fun to see the whole community (actually several communities) show up and watch these little kids play! 

Maddi was able to get some pictures last night of Olivia playing.  They were taken with my phone so they are not the best but here they are:
Hitting the ball

Waiting on 3rd

Running home

Playing catcher

I love being here and being able to be involved with the kids.  I got to be the first base coach for the games and I loved standing there giving all the kids high fives after they hit the ball and made it to base!  One would always give me repeats of what happened while he was batting.  One would give me five and then show me how bouncy the bases were.  One would tell me all about her week while we waited for the next batter to hit the ball.  They were all having so much fun! 

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