Friday, June 7, 2013

Hauling Rock

Today the sun finally decided to come out.  It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't bear to spend it inside, especially since rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.  So we decided to haul rock!  After I finished mowing the yard I talked the kids into helping me redo our fire pit area.  This is what it looked like when we started...
Dillon and Maddi ran to the store to get plastic bags and Olivia and I started removing the rock around the fire pit ring.
When Maddi and Dillon got back we started putting down the plastic around the ring and putting the rocks back on.  Then we rolled 2 huge rocks from the edge of our yard to the fire pit.  They were heavy!  I would lift up one side and then Dillon and Maddi would help push it up and we would roll it over.  Then we would do it again.  It took awhile but we got it done.  Then we started hauling in the little rocks.
Once we got a few in there we had to measure to get the ring around the fire pit somewhat even.  I found a pole with a string tied to it.  Dillon stood in the fire pit with the pole in the center and we used it as a compass.  I pulled the string out and we would put a bigger rock down.  Then we would rotate it a little and put another rock down.  We went all the way around the fire pit so we had a nice circle to fill in.
We spent the rest of the afternoon filling in the rock.  We would fill up our bucket, carry it accross the yard, dump it out and do it again!  It took several hours to get it all done.  Maddi worked until she went to a friend's house.  Olivia helped out for most of the time.  Zeke was gone.  Zane was playing with a friend.  Dillon stuck with me the whole time. 
This is the finished product! I tried to put the bench in that the kids had made last week but they kept moving it around so it didn't work for very long.  We will have to figure something else out with that later.   When we got done we went inside to see what had happened to Olivia (she disappeared towards the end of things) and this is what we found...
Poor little girl had come in and passed out right at the front door she was so tired!  She worked hard today!  After supper we had a fire and made s'mores and enjoyed our newly remodeled fire pit area.  That was the best part of all!


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