Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fun at the Farm

Today was a beautiful day so after we finished chores we headed out the farm.  Michael got out Okie and all the kids took turns riding her.
Dillon rode her the longest and had to be forced off.  I think he could spend all day every day at the barn and never get tired of it.  He even got brave enough to trot!
Olivia trotted too but not without squealing the whole time.  She also practiced her Princess wave when Okie wasn't moving so fast :)

Zeke waited ever so patiently for his turn and was able to ride Okie for the first time without Michael walking along beside him!  He was quite proud of himself.  Zane rode too but some how I didn't get a picture of him.  The big surprise of the day though?  Maddi rode the horse too!
 She had to have a little pep talk and be bribed with a bag of Milky Ways but she did it!  I guess I'd better put that on my grocery list!

Then after every one had their turn, she got on again!  She hasn't ridden a horse since she was really little and fell off.  I guess it scared her enough that she refused to get on ever since.  Today she finally broke free from it all and rode!  She rode slow but she did it and when she finished the second time she even had a little smile on her face :)
While the others were riding Dillon was in the barn practicing his roping... on Zane...

He did pretty good too!  Got him several times.  I wish I would have had my real camera out there and not just my phone.  Then I could have gotten some better pictures!
Olivia was in the other part of the barn checking on the kittens.  She gets to take one of them home in a few weeks and is very excited!  When she wasn't riding Okie she was petting the kittens.

This is her favorite one and she has named it Princess.  We will bring it home after we get back from our trip.  She was hoping we could get it before we left so we could bring her with us :)  I said that wouldn't be the best of ideas!  She accepted that as long as we could go out every couple of days and see her. 

We had a fun day!  The only thing missing from our day was having the Olsens home (after all it is their barn and it is way more fun when we have friends to play with and talk to)!  That just means we'll have to go out another time when they are home!

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