Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flowerbed Garden

This year we were not able to get a regular garden planted but the kids were really wanting to plant some things.  So after we dug all the rocks out of the two beds in front of our house we decided to plant a few things there. 

We headed to the store to decided what we wanted.  They all wanted zucchini so I could make zucchini bread this fall so that was picked first.  Then we got some peas because Michael really likes peas fresh from the garden.  Maddi had some pumpkin seeds at home and then we decided on cucumbers.  We also got a tomato plant and a jalapeno pepper plant so Michael could make salsa :)  Dillon really wanted corn but I didn't think that would work right in front of the house.  We'll have to figure out a spot for that next year!

We really didn't get that much planted because we didn't have that much room.  It's just kind of a token garden.  The kids helped plant and they will get to watch it grow.  They got rocks and labeled them with the vegetables and put them in the garden so we knew what was where.  The peas and zucchini were planted a few weeks ago and they have already started growing.

Olivia and I finally planted the cucumbers and pumpkins tonight.  We'll see if they grow.

As I said, it is a token garden for the kids to be able to take care of and watch grow and hopefully taste when it is all done growing!  Don't judge my dry, hard, cracking dirt!  My kids are excited after 2 years of no garden to finally be able to grow something again, even if it isn't the corn that they love!

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