Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All Smiles!

Today was a big day for Makenna.  The kids and I took her to Sioux Falls to meet up with her best friend from Wyoming.  She is going home with them for a few weeks to spend time together and do a summer theater program that the college in Rock Springs puts on.  She was so excited to go.  This has been in the works for a month or so.  She has been wanting to pack for weeks.  I finally let her pack her bag last Thursday.  She had it done in five minutes and has been ready to go ever since!

We met her ride at the Flying J right off the interstate.  As soon as Kenna saw their car she was ready to jump out the window and run to see Laura.  The gave huge hugs when they finally both got out of the cars and the smiles were going from ear to ear!  Laura had not been feeling well,  but she still had a great big smile :)
She gave me a hug, said good bye and off she went!  She called me this evening when she got to the hotel and even though I couldn't see her I could tell she was still smiling by the sound of her voice!  Laura's mom sent me this picture:
They stopped at Wall Drug for a break and they have the exact same smiles they had when they left.  I am so glad she gets to go on this adventure.  It will be different around here for a few weeks and when I go places with the kids and count heads to make sure I still have them all with me I will be all messed up, but I am glad she is there having fun.  We will follow in a few weeks and then we will have to deal with good byes but for now I am so happy they are together and can't wait to hear all about their adventures!


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