Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

Today was such a beautiful day.  We went to church this morning with the sun already shining.  When we got home the sun was still shining.  That may not sound to exciting but for us that is huge!  We have not had many sunshiney days over the last few weeks and it is forecasted for the sun to go away again in the next day or so.  So to have the sun still out after a few hours was very exciting!!

After church Michael and I took the dog for a walk while the kids played.  Then we sat out in the yard enjoying the beautiful weather.

Maddi and Dillon decided they wanted to build a bench so with the help of Michael they got one put together to have at the fire pit.  Olivia thought it was fun to play with the drill and wanted her picture taken with it...

For supper we roasted hot dogs over the fire with our fishing pole roasters.  We got them for Christmas from some friends and this was our first time using them.  The kids loved them!

After supper some kids from the neighborhood came over and played kickball out in the field by our house.  Michael and I also had some friends stop over that were just driving by and saw us out by the fire.  We visited for a while and then all the kids came over and we roasted marshmallows.
I think I could spend every evening out by the fire in the quiet of our yard. 
I am glad we had such a beautiful day to spend together.  Makenna is leaving on Tuesday and will be gone until we go to Wyoming at the end of the month to get her.  It was nice to be able to have a day like this to enjoy each others company before she leaves.

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